The Maine Spain
Publicado el 22/01/2017

‘Bad Behavior’ es el título del primer single del nuevo disco de The Maine: Lovely, Little, Lonely que saldrá a la venta el próximo 4 de abril. Ya podéis escuchar el single que se ha compartido en diferentes plataformas musicales como spotify, youtube o itunes. Os dejamos a continuación la canción y la letra y esperamos que nos hagáis saber lo que os ha parecido este nuevo tema. Cuéntanoslo en nuestro twitter.

i never want to be a distraction
you say as
you’re unashamed and naked
i feel ok
all over
void of all composure
and i know this may sound
i like the lips you kiss with
but i want to wear your lipstick
cuz it means i got to kiss them
you say
you like the sound of cigarettes after sex
and I say,
“yeah, yeah, yeah”

one, two hits
her lips
and bad behavior
i’m in danger
three, four a.m.
the feeling’s getting stranger
i’m in danger
bad behavior

and i don’t have time for your feelings
you told me
you’re insecure but don’t be
stay soft
but don’t be gentle
it’s altogether mental
let’s go to a place where
we can forget
we haven’t left the room yet
you eloquently
that leaving’s overrated
you say
you like the sound of cigarettes after sex
and I say
“yeah, yeah, yeah”

i inhale you in small doses
and adore you like the roses
when you’re bad for me
yeah you’re bad for me
you medicate me with your poses
i’m a lush I know you notice
you’re bad for me
you’re bad for me
you’re bad for me